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Adress: Schwarzenbergstr. 74. 21073. Hamburg

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Drug consumation rooms

In our drug consumption rooms you have the opportunity to consume your own brought undocumented drugs at ease and under hygienic conditions. We help and advise you gladly in health and hygiene issues. The focus is the safe handling of drugs (safer use).
We have places for

  • 4 i.e. - Consumers
  • 4 smoking places (smoke from the blade or sheet)
  • 3-4 Express seats ("inhalers" and crack smokers)

We will provide sterile syringes and a clean spoon, alcohol swabs, boilerplate, NaCl, ascorbic acid, aluminum foil, fabrics for crack pipes and have the opportunity for skin and hand disinfection. To treat the injection sites we supply ointments and dressings.