Phone Abrigado: +49 / 40 / 76 76 412

Adress: Schwarzenbergstr. 74. 21073. Hamburg

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In "ABRIGADO" following offers can be withdrawn without any preconditions:


Consume drugs brought undocumented under hygienic conditions.

The Cafe

Here you can just relax, socialize, eat and drink (for true costs only), read, play, etc..

Needle exchange (1: 1)

Replace used syringes, old for new.


Showers and laundry on site.


Advice in handling the usage of drugs (safer - use - consulting) and further assistance. See below

First aid

Acute wounds treatment, health advice and counseling on HIV / AIDS.


Information about your specific problems.

Getting to know others

Socialize and make new contact.

We advise you and help you:

Safe Handling

For the safe usage of drugs with less harmful handling for the body.

Personal problems

For personal difficulties and problems.

Mediation - Connecting

For detoxification and treatment, finding a place to sleep.


Help dealing with these agencies, departments, etc.


For substitution issues and mediation in substitution.


Spontaneous counseling, crisis intervention, intensive counseling, case management, social counseling, drug get out counseling, debt settlement.


In the areas of HIV, AIDS and hepatitis.

Legal advice

If you have legal problems.